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garden party logo Stationary System for Garden Party Seed Paper Stationary System for Garden Paper Seed Paper

Icon System

The icon system is used on all products and packaging to represent which seed it is that you are going to be using and caring for.

Garden Party Icon System

Package It

Grow Cards

Each grow card will come wrapped in a sheet of seed paper. These cards contain all of the information you will need to start your seeds.

Garden Party Plant Care Cards Garden Party Plant Care Cards

The Box

Wooden box packaging is kept simple with only the logo printed across the front. This will be used to store your grow cards, any seed paper that has not been used as well as some small tools.

Garden Party wood box packaging Garden Party wood box packaging

Making Paper

How to Make Seed Paper

This is a short video of the process and the materials needed to make your seed paper sheet. Everything needed to recreate this process can be found around the house and at a low cost.

Other Touch Points

Gardening Supplies

Gardening tools and small home supplies will also be offered.

Garden Party garden tools
Garden Party garden gloves
Garden Party garden hat
Garden Party reusable bag
Garden Party garden water can
Garden Party garden metal box
Garden Party coffee mug
Garden Party coffee mug
Garden Party coffee mug
Garden Party coffee mug


Sheets of seed paper will be featured in gardening and home magazines to give consumers the opportunity to try before they buy. The name of the plant will be printed in soy ink along with a web address to find care instructions.

Garden party magazine Garden party magazine



Garden Party Web Wireframes
Garden Party Web Wireframes

Web Mockups

The mobile and desktop designs remain relatively similar without any major content shifting. The Desktop uses extra columns to spread content out and use all available real estate.

Garden Party mobile web design Garden Party desktop web design
Photos - Pexels
Photos - Pexels
Paper System - Mockups Design
Gloves - Lowe's
Sun Hat - Explorer Hats
Mug - Graphics Burger
Eco Bag - For Graphic
Water Can - Freaking News
Magazine - Mockup World