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Maison Pixel website home

Link below includes a view of the homepage and Razzle Dazzle panties.

Visual inspiration comes directly from the brand promise of being nostalgia driven as well as sexy. The site was taken and given sophisticated sex appeal that will put it in a similar arena of competing women’s sites but keeping the pixilated style in strategic areas.

Mobile Invision Mockup

The target is audience is “gamer women” so the decision was made to give the design a mature look with fun details hidden within.

Surprise (Try Me!)

Konami Code, Desktop Only

Input the code below to get a peak of how the game would pop up on a user's screen. Click anywhere on the screen to exit.

Maison Pixel konami code

The Konami Code originates from the NES game Gradius (released in 1986) and has many spin offs and is known by much of the gamer culture. One of the more recent versions of the Konami Code is coded in JavaScript and can be found as an easter egg for many sites.

Since Maison Pixel’s primary audience is “gamer women” themed, it is appropriate to include one of the most recognizable hidden video game codes within the webpage coding.

The Game

The design, concept and idea of "The Cave" is an original creation and made for the Maison Pixel Site. The design takes the classic 8-bit style mixed with some modern styles.

Maison Pixel easter egg game intro

User Incentive

When users find the game, they will become eligible for three prizes:

  • Beat the high score and get one pair of panties for free
  • Every 1000th player gets free shipping, anywhere in the world
  • Every 100th player gets 10% off their order
  • Each of these one-time use offers will be sent to the players email for security and ease of use if they choose not to redeem on the same day. Offers will expire at the time of purchase or within one week of the original send date.

    Maison Pixel game prize win page

    Game Design


    The design of the game started as a basic problem solving game with jumps, obstacles, moving platforms and point collecting.

    Maison Pixel game wireframe Maison Pixel game wireframe Maison Pixel game wireframe

    Game Elements

    All cave elements were created using the same pieces as a base. These pieces were then repeated, cut, stacked and put back together to form more unique shapes featured on each map.

    Maison Pixel game piece basics

    Character Design

    The playable character was kept gender neutral and anonymous. This design was chosen to specifically avoid character stereotypes and to let the player decide for themselves which gender they want the character to be.

    Maison Pixel game playable character Maison Pixel game playable character Maison Pixel game playable character Maison Pixel game playable character

    The enemies that are fought within the cave are the skeleton, worth 5 points and the slime monster, worth 10 points. Each map will contain a different amount of each and no two playthroughs will place these enemies in the same spot.

    Maison Pixel game enemies Maison Pixel game enemies

    Game Map

    A light and nuetral blue was chosen to add contrast and depth to the dark style of the characters and active map. Solid block of color were used over the pixilated style for contrast and to prevent clashing between active play areas and nonplayable elements..

    Maison Pixel game play screens
    Maison Pixel game play screens
    Maison Pixel game play screens
    Maison Pixel game play screens
    Maison Pixel game over Maison Pixel game over
    Maison Pixel wireframe intro

    Web Process


    The desktop remains similar to the mobile layout with quick buying in mind. Your cart stays on the page for quick viewing and doesn't require a new page load. When making your final purchase you can always look at the products you are purchasing.

    Maison Pixel web wireframe
    Maison Pixel web wireframe
    Maison Pixel web wireframe
    Maison Pixel web wireframe

    Desktop Pages

    Most of the site remains clean with no color so that there is no distraction from the product itself. Using a limited color palette, an organization system was put in place so customers can quickly find the specific type of product they are looking for.

    Maison Pixel web design mockup Maison Pixel web design mockup
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